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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
base on the $3200/mth, annual package = 16 x 3200 = $51200

someone posted annual increment about = $150-$200

promotion increment = ??? (someone please provide info here)


I got close to 4 years of engineering (project management) exp from private sector GLC.
2nd lower NTU
male with NS

Let say if I join Singhealth as an quality executive in one of Singapore's hospitals, like SGH, AH, CGH, or poly clinic or heart centre, dental centre....etc .

How much will I be:
-paid per month?
-paid per annum?

What will be my entry grade?

moi current annual salary = $67000
Hate to tell you, no way a quality executive in hospital can match your pay. All in bonus, AWS etc. at most $55000. Max per month likely $3500.
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