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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Depends on proj. I was in a maintenance project and 90% of the time i can leave at 630pm. But needless to say i left after 2.5 year as I was not promoted.
You quite dumbass. Everybody know people change job around 3 years.
So company now only consider promotion if you stayed at least 3 years.

How I know? I got promoted on my 3rd year.
My boss told me... He cannot anyhow push for promotion for people 1or 2 years. Cause once promoted. They will use the higher pay to jump ship...

So he is only protecting the best interest of his department...

Which makes sense. Why promote people who want to leave?
Promotion should benefit people willing to stay all the way.

People with short term goal. Work 2 years expect promotion. Then what? 10 years you become director ah?

Anyway good. Then once you leave, they can use your headcount to hire a fresh grad and hence repeat.
I also follow the 3 years rule.

No point getting to know you if you leave 1 year.
So I also only stick with and socialise with people more than 3 years. Cause we can promote each other upwards.

Don't need no delusional high paid fresh grad expecting promotion..

Your starting pay already at 4.5k..compared to my time 2.5k.
Back then the salary so low. Promotion every few years is logical.

Fresb grad now already got promotion the day the join.
Still want more.

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