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Originally Posted by gutenberg03129g View Post
Seems like people are really stretching the baton here with either a “accept whatever offer you get” attitude or “actually you should ask for much much more” mindset.

Reality is most MNCs are still paying $3.5k to $4.5k for fresh grads, Finance would generally be higher ($4.5k+ for BO, $5k+ for FO/MO and of course the huge salaries and bonuses for IB/S&T). Don’t know about SMEs, though I'd wager $3k to $4k is normal in good times, perhaps apply a discount given the COVID period.

Point is, I doubt that there will be a considerable reduction in graduate salaries even during the COVID times. Reduced headcount certainly, but wages are still very sticky on the whole.
Certain employers think that COVID-19 is a global nuke, we are all cavemen now, and we should all be hungry for the payment of 2 cows a month.
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