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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I want. But there are so many small firms out there the best I can do for myself (since I have time) would be to look around n decide carefully. Was just wondering if y'all had thoughts on how to decide BETWEEN small firms.

(( I didn't mention anything about big firms)).
Ignore the previous poster. Just a trademark bitter asshole - many of those around.

When it comes to small firms, you would be right to be careful -> the variance in standard is very very great, and all your concerns are valid. As another poster pointed out, checking linkedin to see how many employees they have, turnover, how many stay after training is a good start. Other than that, interning even after you've accepted the TC is not a bad idea to see how work culture there is like, and if you get closer to some of the assocs you can ask them for their honest opinions. As long as you are still in school, there's nothing stopping you from finding another TC. Look out for yourself.
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