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Hi seniors,

I'm a final year student at one of the local medical schools and just wanted to get some advice. I've fixed my heart on a specialty and cannot see myself doing anything else in the future. It's not one of those super competitive specs, intake rate approx 40%. But with the push towards fam med I'm worried I can't make it in even if I do a few years of MO in the spec.

May I ask what seniors generally look for when considering whether a junior is considered a good fit for a spec? How important are HOship posting evals if the spec I want to go into isn't part of my HO postings? How do I show my interest without coming across as bootlicking?

If I really don't manage to get into this spec locally I would seriously consider going overseas to do residency instead. Wonder if anyone knows if MOH would allow a grant for the bond to be suspended in this case.

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