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This is accurate. That's why there are limited con positions available because they are so lucrative.
Provided private patient then 30min in hosp clinic

For subsidised clinic

Usually what happens is con run his clinic, but with 4 other minions.
The minion clerk, the con go around and clear cases that the minons clerk

In the private sector one patient can slowly use two hours.
My recommendation is ensure you have a rich dad. <- this is a key step. If no rich dad, then no point already
Send you overseas to study med and do overseas training
Do the compulsory 2-4 years hosp work to become Full reg
Then Ask ur dad to sponsor u $$ to open own clinic
Then sponsor u $$ to do google ads.
When people type any words related to your spec, Make your clinic is listed on the top.
Initially will burn a bit of cash, for first two years but third year on will be profitable

Then return ur dad the three million he invested

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