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OCBC takes graduates every year through the graduate talent programme (GTP). These are ppl who pass many interview stages and considered cream of crop type.

So when they have to hire ppl one year from now, they will much prefer cream of crop fresh grads from next years graduating batch instead of converting the 3000 trainees that they took in thanks to heavy gahmen funding for 1 year only.

Bottom line is: Once no more gahmen funding they will let u go.
agreed. the govt funding is 50% of salary and no CPF contribution requirement. can you imagine the amount of cost incurred to convert to full time, including CPF contributions?
trainee: ~2.5k (OCBC pays 1.25k only)
full time: ~3.8k (OCBC pays 4.44k with CPF)

don't forget, they also hired for the GTP. so traineeship is EXTRA hires. they have already fulfilled their talent quota. trainees are like interns, used for short term only.
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