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My increment is actually quite fast, and furious, and real. i work in a bank (yes real bank with a real job, and real pay)

All figures in SGD or SGD eq on annual basis
2004: grad with local undergrad+master and started at base of 40.6k and pro-rated half-year bonus of 8k
2005: was promoted and base up 11.7% to 45.6k and full year bonud at 18k
2006: base unchange and no bonus cos i left in May
2006-2007: student again
2007: work for a new firm in nyc. sign on bonus 50k usd, base 95k usd, half year stub year 25k usd
2008: base unchanged at 95k usd, no bonus cos i left in June
2008: back in SG working for another bank, base 110.4k, half year stuf bonus 40k
2009: promoted at mid year, base up 20% to 132.5k, full year bonus 92k; sideline business 15k
2010: promoted again end of 2009 but base unchanged, full year bonus 100k; sideline business 22k
2011: base up 10% to 145k, full year bonus expected 120k; sideline business expected 40k

So my base is up from 40.8k to 145k in 7 years, that's 19.8% per annual on geometric average. Total comp from 48.6k to (expected) 305k, or 30% per annum.

I think I am lucky, but I think I should make 500k a year, at least.
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