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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Eh wah. Is it! At my b4 firm, I had heard when we reach 6 PQE (ie called to the Bar in middle of 2014) we would get $12,X00 only (before bonus)... And we are supposed to be lockstep and equivalent pay to another of the B4... Ugh... Hope my info is wrong then. But if so, it means that the step up from 5pqe in both these two firms is large (confirmed that standard track 5 pqe SA at these two firms gets $11,X00 before bonus)
Dunno which guy keep trying to say his 4PQE already $12k (not including bonus), and keep trying to say the salary scale damn high but refuse to give exact amount (really full of ****). Every year $1k jump, how you add $2k every year. Everytime ppl ask him he will say "it's true la - i make that much after my 3rd year, it's standard". Think fake news.
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