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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Not a salary related post but...

As a mid level lawyer in practice for a couple of years and occasionally checking in here, just want to say that this thread has degenerated into the worst level of s hitposting it has ever been.

This started from the circuit breaker time and literally hasn't stopped since then. Too many fresh grads and trainees that are too free with no work?

Seriously, take a look the content of your own posts. Occasional frivolous tongue-in-cheek remarks are fine. But this has become a non-stop train wreck of bitter, toxic, sometimes sexist and downright pathetic bitching/whining.

Those of you hung up about flaming others and putting them down because of where they studied. Take a good long look at yourselves. Are you any better than those you despise? If you were, you would stop flooding this place with your toxicity and do something to help your peers and community.

I'm saying this as an NUS grad, class of (between 2014 and 2015). If you really hail from local schools but feel the need to constantly p iss on UK or overseas grads, it just shows how frail your egos are. The workplace and your eventual performance in private practice will sift the wheat from the chaff, regardless of where you studied.

I'm frankly embarrassed to share membership in the same profession as some of you. This place has literally become a disgrace and even the other job threads like the SIM-UOL thread that is prone to exaggeration and s hitposting do not now hold a candle to how toxic this place is.

Let's put aside the fact that this thread's objective has always been for proper, working lawyers to obtain serious info about salaries since market data is generally opaque. Even as students or fresh grads, the least you could do is to help your fellow would-be lawyers along with a word of encouragement or info about job opportunities.

If you've any pride at all in the profession that you seek to join, and retain any form of personal dignity, then you would wake up your idea and start doing something good for the peers in your legal community and yourself rather than sitting behind the keyboard spewing rubbish over the same few topics ad nauseam.
Thank you for this. These commenters are clearly trolls (who may or may not be in the profession).

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