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Default Direct recruitment into non entry-level grades?

I have been working for 8 years already in the gahment sector and am MX12, and I got a job offer earlier this year in a privatized health organization. From what I see the job scope was the same, just a different industry, but I was offered a junior executive position at an entry-level grade.

Which leads me to express my interest in how organizations appraise your past work experience. Is there some scale, and what constitutes 'relevant work experience'? What is needed to get a job offer with a grade higher than fresh graduate level?

My colleagues from other offices who have been getting offers are getting pay increments with new offers, as well as increments to a higher MX11 grade, while all I'm getting are pay cuts and lower grades.

So how does HR decide how much to pay you? Is it a matter of phrasing all your work experience very nicely in your CV? Or impressing them at the interview? I ask because a cv is a summary of all you've done, and may not do justice to all your skills that you've grown.

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