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Lol this is ********. This is law, not economics or liberal arts. It's a professional degree, like medicine. How you perform in the classroom in many ways directly correlates to how you will perform in practice because analysing facts, recommending arguments, reading cases, this is stuff you do on a day-to-day basis in practice. So to say that grades are "absolutely trash" to decide someone's aptitude at law is stupid.

What most people seem to be salty about (their opinion, not mine) is that a NUS or SMU 2:1 is far harder to obtain than a first class at those delisted schools, but somehow they are put on the same level by employers. IF that were true, I kinda get where they're coming from. It sucks to work harder for one year longer just to lose out because your school is more rigorous.

But to those people saying their 2:2s from NUS/SMU are better than 2:1s or even FCH from the delisted unis, I'm gonna be straight with you: My honest opinion is that people who gets 2:2s from the local schools are either complete morons, completely unsuited for the law, or did not try at ALL throughout their time in law school. In NUS, it was so absurdly easy to get Bs even without going for a single seminar.

Okay, name me a famous first class accountant. It is a profession and it directly correlates (nice choice of words) with practice. Anyone? No? Good. That's because it DOESN'T FKING MATTER.
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