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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
why civil servant belive they deserve bonus le? whyen the rest of the world inclufing bank and private sector all wage freeze and lay off etc..

if civil servant still get bonus in this climate... means opposition will say gahmen corrupt.
Nobody is saying they deserve the bonus. Let's say a farmer has a hen. The hen has been laying good amount of eggs. The farmer is happy. When the hen is sick, the eggs are lesser. The farmer is sad. Does the farmer deserve the eggs? That is a moot question. But the farmer definitely will be sad because the output is lesser. But of course still relieved that the hen is alive.

Similarly, the question of whether Civil servants 'deserve' the bonus or not is moot. It is pointless to argue whether do they absolutely deserve the bonus, or absolutely do not deserve the bonus. It is a matter of emotions, and people are free to express them. One will naturally feel sad when good things do not happen. It does not mean that one has no logic or feels that they 'deserve' the bonus. I can feel sad and still agree with the logic that not getting the bonus is to be expected.

So to sum up, this is not a matter of logic and reasoning.

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