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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My friends all get rejected by Big 4.

I heard a certain firm keep saying retention rate 50% but under-retain/don't retain. I don't want to be at one of those firms.

I think I'll be quite prejudiced by the non-retention decision as I will have to explain it.... I know I'm not very smart lah as I didn't go to NUS or a prestigious uni
One step at a time. Many trainees don't get retained for no other reason than economic factors which are constantly changing. You will not be prejudiced simply because you have not been retained.

Further, the above poster is correct. You cannot choose. You apply to every single law firm you can think of until you get a TC. The sad fact is that you might not get a TC in the firms you're thinking about, not even if you get a first overall. The even sadder fact is that you may not get a TC at all.

You should realign your expectations with current market conditions. Applying only to Big4 and FLAs in these times would not be a wise move.

I would also say that you are quite lucky in that you have a six months buffer period for which you would be sitting for Part A. You should make full use of this time.
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