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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This is a accurate view on the current market
Yep, thought I'd share cos there's a lot of misinformation in these forums. Does not help anyone make an informed decision. Why should HR have all the info?

And one well kept secret that local bank ma prog candidates need to know about is that there's a fairly large salary range and needs to be negotiated. For foreign banks, everyone in the same analyst or associate prog tends to be paid the same ($4 to 5k for ma, $8 to 10k for analyst, $10 to 12k+ for associate).

But a well placed friend of mine told me that ocbc's (for eg) ma prog salary range can be from below $4k to above $7k - for the same batch! It's amazing to me - what the heck can HR be thinking with a penny wise pound foolish approach like that?

Anyways, my point is - do go in with your eyes open...
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