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My group member, who is member here, forwarded this thread to me and I registered today to rebut you , as well as to let everyone know whats going on.
You don't go around spreading fake news and even started this petition at to condemn that person with disabilities. This make you and other SLA staffs look very stupid. and it is not person with disabilties who send emails to SLA mgt, Cced to PM, and President, and Minister for Law.
it was me, and some members of my group. and we don't do that every month. When person with disabilities, (lets name him as K), had unpleasant encounter with SLA staffs,who scolded him, criticising him in front of families, in public place. Do you know who are those people? they are university graduates working in other dept of SLA.

Let me ask you this:
What had K go to do with other SLA departments?

This incident happened in Year 2000, (SLA was not even formed yet.)
One manager , 24 year old diploma holder, PH, had been bullying K and his workbuddy, R forcing them to do a lot of worker while the rest of temporary staffs enjoying life , playing card games, chat a lot , without doing any work.

We all used to work in HDB Titles Registration dept at Singapore Land Registry.
What was the situation in HDB Titles Registration like?
Pemanent staffs ( those worked in counters, very lazy , never put in effort to work , just sat there, chatting , playing cross word puzzles, etc.. documents keep piling up, never bother to file back.)
Temporary staffs (me and my friends worked as Temporary staffs during school vacations, we never worked but behaved like school kids , playing around, chatting ...we used to mess up Titles deeds but we bochap..Yeah, we were very irresponisible groups).

This manager , PH, deferred to us , accept bribes, closing one eyes to our activities ,but keep picking on K and R.

I despised this person, PH when I had grown up and straightened out my right thinking.
why I despised this person now? because he was a poly graduate, who become manager when he was 24 year old, but he was very stupid person.

Do you all know the reason why PH kept picking on K and R?
PH want K and R to join him in Christian activites, like going to his church on Sunday, participate in every activities organised by church, donate 10 % of monthly salary to church. K not interested because his family was strong Buddhist , therefore cannot change religion and risk his mother's wrath.
One funny occasion- PH wanted K and R to help him distribute Christian flyers to member of public after work. K don't want to help , therefore R backed out .
Since then PH very hostile with K and R and kept finding fault with them.

Do you all know how many people in Singapore Land Registry (Conveyancing subGroup ) become manager within 1 year? Nobody .

Singapore Land Registry , got three groups
Legal Group- (top level management)- Registrar of Titles, Deputy Registrars and Asst Registrars. These are people with LLB (Hons) degrees from NUS,
and certified lawyers. when you finished university with LLB (Hons), finishing 2 years internship, became Asst Registrars..
Admin, Finance, HR groups-(Executives)- those people are graduates with very good degrees, specialised in Administration, Accountancy ,HR management. HR manager, Financial Managers...

Junior Support group- clerical subgroup, conveyancing subgroup, technical subgroup.
Those junior support groups are like non-commissioned officers, like Prtvate, corporal, sgt, warrant officers.
When you look at Singapore Land Authority Land Titles Registry, those people holding titles like Snr Registration Executive, Principal Registration Executives? Are they commissioned officers like HR dept, Finance Dept, Legal Dept?
No, they are all in same category as Non-Commissioned Officers.
Can they become colonel (Director of SLA) or Generals (Asst Chief Executive and above)?
No,because Conveyancing subgroup had very humble backgrounds.
Very experienced people in Conveyancing subgroup, those born in 1950 to 60s, got only GCE A Level. when they finished their A Levels, they cannot go to universities because their A level results not good enough, thus they applied to be Conveyancing Officer Grade 5, after passing English Language Aptitude Test conducted by Land titles Registry in 1980s.
Do you know that English Language test was based on O Level English Paper?

When they appointed to Conveyancing Officer, can they become supervisors within 1 year? No, they had to undergo a lot of training first .
Once they understand the job, and deemed to be able to train new staffs , they would appoint to supervisors. these processes take 10 years.

For people like PH, he was appointed to supervisor within 1 year , not because he was capable, but his boss (Asst Registar, in charge of HDB Titles Registration) hope that he assisted his supervisor (higher manager) to make sure everyone of us doing work .
But he keep picking on K and R , deferring to everyone of us (temporary staffs, counter staffs) , accepting bribes
Thats the reason why K wanted to get his boss to replace PH with mature conveyancing officers. Mature conveyancing officers are those people born in 1960s.

Thats the reason why people born in 1970s are very angry with K.

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