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Default Singapore Land Authority (being cyberbullied)

I used to work in SLA as an Executive which is Div 2 post.
I graduated with Diploma from Polytechnic, then started work in Management Support Officer Grade 6 in Singapore Land Registry, which was one of the main department under Ministry of Law before government decided to combine all main departments to form an stat. boards called SIngapore Land Authority

To tell you the truth about Singapore Land Authority, according to my former colleagues working there, SLA was being cyberbullied by former staff, who has special background. His family is rich. Recently I saw him at Orchard Road, having lunch at TWS tea house restaurant.

He was unpopular with many Div 1 and Div 2 staffs there because of his comment which deemed to be degrading to us.

Many of us criticised him for what he did.

Eventually he was asked to leave, however the following year, he returned to Singapore Land Authority as a temporary staff.
my friends decided to scold him for what he did.

Instead of being remorseful, and show repentance, he get Registrar of Titles (at that time, Registrar of Titles hold Deputy CEO as well) to scold everyone in Land Titles Registry, and also demoted one manager to principal executive and transferred her to another department.

Do you know this person is so formidable?
He is deaf and disabled yet he exerted so much influence in Singapore Land Registry. During his heyday, he was popular with many female Asst Registrar of Titles. and current Registar of Titles aka Asst Chief Executive is his buddy. His precedessor, former CEO of SLA, now working in State Courts as Registrar was also his ally. This person promoted one manager from HR to be Director so that she can help look after the interest of that person and helped him out.

Whenever, SLA employees get threatening email from him , HR director and Registrar of Titles and his deputies will scold the employees, in some case, demoted or forced to resign.

One manager had the job title downgraded, from Snr Manager/ Snr Asst Registrar of Titles to Head(Land Titles Registry3) , later HR department decided to abolise the post and eventually remaining two had to settle for less high-ranking post - Head (Land Titles Registry 1) and Head (Land Titles Registry 2)

These actions had demoralised many of people working there and many managers, asst managers and 2 heads had resigned.

HR department later added another grade for diploma holder which made very difficult for diploma holder like us to get promoted to Division 1.

Previously, Executive can be promoted to Snr Executive which is Division 1 post)

nowadays, poly holders need to wait many many years before he or she can get promoted to Snr Executive because the outstanding diploma holder need to hold next higher post (Higher Executive) which is still Divison 2 post and hold that post for many more years before he can be consider for Snr Executive .
Do you know how many years it took my friend to get into Snr Executive ranks ?my friend start as MSO grade 6 in 1997 when she was 20 year old.
When she was promoted to Snr executive, how old was she? 43 year old.
Can she be promoted to manager, dept head, director?
very little chance.

My current colleague is now 51 year old, but still hold Asst Manager job for many years . he was not given a chance for better advancement.

This cyberbully every month sent threatening emails , CCed to Prime Minister and Law Minister. and many colleagues quitted SLA because they cannot fight back as he got backing from new CEO, Asst CEO, and HR director.

Prime Minister and Minister for Law doesn't support SLA employees like us..

if you want to help us fight injustice ,sign this petition below

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