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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
hey man...
to tell the truth, i got just 'PASS' grade upon graduation too (2.00- 2.99).

However, i've secured a job with top-tier investment bank's IT department, whose salary
offered was above the Graduate Employment Survey 75th percentile...

They MAY have looked at my grades, however, I passed their numerical & psychometric
tests, and were given a chance at interviews (4 rounds at that).

SO, all i'm saying is: don't close your doors. Apply for whichever job you would WANT
to work at and work with.


PS: I've been in SG for more than 10 years and I've NOT even bothered to apply for PR.
This country has got too many narrow-minded asses, so I will be here ONLY until Tuition
Grant bond ends in 3 years. Sayonara, Singapura.
Hmm may I know what course did you study? My friend got 3rd Class honours but all the banks rejected him without any interviews. Anyway, thanks for your reply!

And...well, every country has a few people who'd despise us foreigners. But, that happens in every country. I am an aussie national and some people really despise the fact that their universities are filled up with asians. I'm extremely happy to be in Singapore and I love this place, so I am pretty sure I would wanna settle down here. And contrary to popular belief, people are actually quite accepting here. Almost all my friends are Singaporeans and they have never let me feel out of place.
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