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Hi all,
I am currently a student who just completed A levels. I know this is probably not the forum for me but I really have a burning question to ask.
I will receive my exam results early next year and will be choosing uni course. Can I ask how is the job market in general and which are the less volatile industry? (And what course should I study to get into these industries?- I obviously do note that this will also be dependent on my results)

I am a science student but I don't have a special interest in anything as of now. (Although I can fairly say that I am more into maths/science rather than humanities)
I am generally a passive person who is not ambitious in nature, so the idea of one succeeding in any career as long as he has the drive probably doesn't apply to me
I am looking mainly for a stable mundane 8-5 job getting a stable salary of 3-4k/month if possible. (Thought of being in civil service come to mind?)

Can anyone advise on this?
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