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FM resident exiting next year, have tried asking my bosses/polyclinic heads etc but no one has given me a straight reply.

1) How is the demand for FPs in the private sector? Will I earn more than a non residency trained GP (and if so how much more?)

2) Is it encouraged to sign the FP bond for exam sponsorship etc? Not sure of the details and how much they will pay me yet...

3) How useful is it to apply for and get the fellowship in FM? Is that worth studying due to the cost and will it correlate to a good pay increase?

Enjoy working at the polyclinics but not sure what the career prospects are outside and if I should continue (single child with 2 Aging parents too w no savings). Thanks.
Aspiring FM resident here. Can i check what is the fp bond that you are referring to? Does the fm residemcy programme comes with a bond? (If yes, what is the cost amd duration of it?)

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