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Unemployed for 1 year and 4 months for me. Graduated with a Diploma in Electronics and finish my NS last year May. Got a bit of work here and there as contract or whatsoever but not full time employment. So far sent around 250+ applications and less than 20 interview. Even went to the career coach in e2i but all they did was just told me to make my resume pretty, polish my interview skills and handed me a paper with a list of websites to apply for jobs and learn new skills, not that I already know the websites already. Just wondering if anyone been unemployed even longer than me.
Me and many others that we do not see/meet. I'm a NUS graduate last year Jun-Jul. Been working contract till now and still unable to get perm job. My friends who graduated this year Jul...are unfortunately working contract too.

I can tell you that current job market has been bad for everyone. Only those with highly valued skills or extremely good grades managed to get jobs in a short span.

If you notice, most jobs on every possible job portals are filled with contract jobs.

Anyway, all the best to you and me... Dont even know when will this misery ends.

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