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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
wondering when will my promotion be. share with u guys my performance grade (grade attained for the year):

2013 - C (default)
2014 - B
2015 - B (promoted and was told by boss that my CEP increase)
2016 - C (default since just promoted year before)
2017 - B
2018 - B
2019 - B

me join as mso 6, promoted to mso 5. then convert scheme to MX13i. wondering whats my CEP and if there is any chance of me progress to MX12? Need experts to verify.
Just curious. How much increment when promoted for MSO? Can give a range?

What is your current salary range now? If I not wrong u should be similar pay range as so called mx12 fresh grad already. Why hanker for that job grade only?

Did u check with your RO what is your CEP now? Most diploma holder CEP stop at MX12.

Only those very good ones maybe MX 11

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