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Originally Posted by Candidus View Post
Say I get a job as an executive, will doing the part time degree help me in my career after I graduate? I understand that its almost definitive to take a degree to progress in civil service or MINDEF. I have seen my past SAF officers doing this.

The other question is, changing my career path now to another industry (from landscape to DXO/office job), will it affect much? I read past postings that we should stay in an industry and gain more specialised skills/knowledge through our individual's career progression.
Buddy, I thought you Want to change your career path? You can change your industry... Sure... But if u really want big money you should not change your field... Such as staying in accounts dept of landscape.. Then going to mindef and continue in me it's not a bad thing... You can also stay in landscape all your life and know everything about it, be your own boss.

The whole public service is quite obsessed over academic.

IMHO if u want both money n interest, up your financial literacy and invest on the side. Grow 1k into 1.5k, 1.5 into 2.5... One day it becomes 100k.. You may even start your own online business and maybe.. Be an online florist? By now you should be an expert green finger right. Dabble into terrariums, creative bouquets.. U know better than me.
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