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some salary quotes for reference, non-engineering role. all males so got 'NS' pay.

1. my buddy (pending FCH NUS) says that he had 2 offers of ~4k, and one of them i know is definitely DXO. Cause i said if his offers were both 4k.

2. my classmate 1 (pending 2Upper NUS): ~3.9 MOE
3. my classmate 2 (pending 2Upper NUS): ~3.9 The aviation authority.
4. my classmate 3 (pending FCH NUS): ~4.7 Specialised scheme

5. no offer yet. emoz.

don't know if they include all the AWS or what. Believe at your own risk.

and our uni very hot last couple of days. hope that doesnt affect our pay ahhah!

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Eer, I advise you to absorb with a pinch of salt. I still feel that most FCH will get quoted under 3.5k. Only those midcareer who somehow scored a fantastic package... End up coming to anonymous forums to brag. Take annual package divide by 12 maybe 4.5 lor..

Go see the publicly advertised payscale for spf and officers... Fresh sign on saf Officer scheme uniformed regular 4.5k male, fch, NS. Beginner DXO cannot be above uniform in terms salary la... Its open secret. DXO is 20%-30 less.

Related to timeline..
My cousin just signed on spf... NTU Honours male NS.. 4.4k once graduated from academy 9 months training. No life. 24/7 phone can ring. Regret also no use.. Father and mother signed bond..

Related to your qn.
Yes, more n more in public service do it. The timeline to find talent is as such:
Step 1. Anybody in my dept capable..easily promote. Step 2.anybody in other dept capable..must interview Step 3. Anybody from outside... Stringent interview.
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