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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Some points to consider. It's difficult to place what you applied to, considering all those agencies don't have much in common. Coming from SIT... Some form of analyst/big data job?

1. Dunno if they think your experience relevant or not.
2. Pes status don't matter, you didn't sign up for uniform regular. The other person was asking if u served.
3. Previous salary can influence your pay

I doubt you can get above 4k. This formula below assumes they really like your profile.
1 Yr experience $200 x 4 =800
Pass degree local uni $2800
NS $200

This thread is on timeline.... Read up the other threads on salary esp DXO. I'm just feeling your anxiety so I'm trying my best to alleviate your anxiety, and the polite fella about SLA, LTA.
most prob 3.8k avg i think based on the calculations

some hr exp
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