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**** you and the guy before. Sales is where you can earn money. Obviously a bunch of ignorant fools. What Iím saying is that if you want to join public service, the first principle is really to serve and do well, esp since TS is a freshie.

I gave property as an example. I cannot say the same for MLM. Why do you all jump into conclusions?

If youíre sensitive to the word ďsalesĒ. Then be a stocks trader or join the bank.. Can also be rich. Donít join the service and expect to find riches. Thatís the wrong basis to start with!

Sensitive fools
Why so triggered? Pple only asking abt the annual package of being in the service, able to meet his needs as an employee. He isnt asking if going into civil service is gonna make him rich. Passion doesnt feed you and its ok to go into the civil service with eyes wide open..

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