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PAX3 max Salary only 10.4K........where got ave 10K? anyone can confirm even snr manager is also PAX4 only? What happens to those snr lecturer that already hit the salary ceiling for PAX4 but cannot be promoted PAX3 because no openings fopr PAX appointments? No MI at all? not even a token sum? Btw, what are the appointments for PAX3, PAX2 and PAX1?

The private sector are more flexible. When hit ceiling, either there are exceptions or they will give you a token sum equals to the increment but base salary stays the same for the period of years you remains in that grade.

side track. Do you think if one is offered by poly, accepts the appointment and then for whatever reasons, decides to withdraw the acceptance, will the poly take legal actions, leave a black mark and/or forever will not extend another offer to the candidate in the future? What if is in the case of offered but did not accept, and few years later want to try again? What are the chances?

did a check, he is right pax 3 cap is indeed 12-13k.
i suspect you are refering to the bar value, not the ceiling.
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