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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
not the same person as above

my sentiments exactly. sign buddy. they know you are jobless and have no chips. If you sign and they rescind subsequently, u can bang HR director's table, legally.
Thank you, I appreciate your inputs on the matter, will take note of that last sentence tho

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
HR will forget you quickly, and actually, you really don't have to care. its your right to negotiate. your superior just wants a human to do the work, they don't care if you got lowball or highball.

FYI, in future, to negotiate it is better to directly call the DID. take a deep breath, think of your script, what u want to say if u get rejected bla bla bla....

congrats buddy, you must have clicked by now. sweet deal indeed with a multinational. excellent to write in your resume.
Thank you, indeed I have signed it now I feel mega happy to have gotten this done with. Yes unfortunately in the first call for the offer, I wasn't able to articulate well for the negotiation. Will definitely try again in the future, maybe in the yearly review or something

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
u're being extremely narrow-minded. have you factored in CPF employer's contributions? what about the vastly different tax rates?

the offer is fantastic given your credentials. stop being self-entitled.
The US has a CPF thingy too as well and it is separate from what I gather on Glassdoor. I don't deny it is a fantastic offer but a lowball is still a lowball afterall, based on my observations in my post above. Nevertheless, I am humble they are willing to take a chance on me for the role of Genius.

Thank you all for your feedbacks. I couldn't have done it without your input, gave me good perspective. I hope others who will be going through the same situation as me can use this thread for your reference. I may update it in the future to let you all know the outcome

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