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10x is definitely exaggerating. Teachers can make 100k a year.
Depending on years of service and seniority,a teacher in Singapore can earn about 100k per annum but it will include the bonuses as well.Only a school principal can earn in excess of 100k per annum without all the bonuses thrown in.Not sure whether u guys agree with me but in Singapore pple do judge your career achievement as the most impt critieria as to whether u r 'successful in life'.They don't bother about your character,family work life balance,cultivating wonderful friendships.All they see is your outward facade...big car means successful career,etc.I remembered a classic reply from a friend who is working in shanghai,"Huh,teachers can afford to drive car one meh?"When I look back at it,i smile and shrugged my shoulders but at that time I was really offended.But life goes on....
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