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There is no point associating with people who measure others' worth by the salary they earn or the job they do. But I find it incredible that your peers are earning 10 times a teacher's salary. They would have to be earning a million bucks, assuming that you are not an entry-level teacher.
I have 8 years of teaching experience earning about $6k a month.Honestly speaking if not for the fact that my wife is also earning the same amount as me,I may struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing cost of living.I am already in my late thirties so my peers are very well established in their careers.Some of them are in the legal field (Duane Morris,a top legal firm in NY),running specialist clinics as doctors,one of them in the top of the civil service hierarchy and quite a few of them are successful business people.So,no I am not exaggerating at all cos I think you guys know the market rate of these successful pple.But I always tell myself not to compare cos there is always pple better than you.I am actually much happier and contented now that I have learnt to let go of certain things that are not so impt after all in life.
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