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The ceiling for PAX4 is around 8k. I thought that is pretty decent even for someone in his 40s isn't it?

Coupled with bonus of 15 months, you are looking at 120,000 per annum. That puts the lecturer at 91.5 percentile of someone who's 45 years old according to MOM data.

So I am curious actually, why someone said earlier that a lecturer isn't going to have enough for retirement. I mean, 120,000 per annum isn't the highest salary in the world, but it isn't low either.
I am not a lecturer but just a secondary school teacher.If it is ok,let me offer my 2 cents worth.1st of all,a poly lecturer is deemed to have a higher social status than teachers in Singapore.Yes,as both myself and missus are both school teachers,I think the crucial thing is whether you find meaning in what you do.I do get discouraged peers are earning 10 times what I earn and have higher prestige jobs.I dislike gatherings cos very often they ask what I do currently and the reply is "oh u r still a teacher....but it is a very 'noble' job".I think there is a lot of sarcasm in those words.It hurts further to see them in their mercedes,bmw,audis and their district 9 condos and houses.As teachers,I have learnt to lower my expectations in terms of material wants and social status.I am doing fine at the moment.I suppose making a difference in young lives is impt to me personally and I enjoy the interaction and teaching in the classroom.Can I afford to retire at 62?Maybe but maybe not.Nowadays young pple will only think of dollars and cents and career prestige when choosing their careers.Nothing wrong with that...but I am heartened by the fact that there is still a small grp of pple who choose teaching be it in schools or polys.I guess there is no right or wrong in decisions that we make but whether we can live with those decisions.Btw,there are pple out there who still think that teachers work only half day and are free the rest of the day.Perhaps if they have chance,do talk and understand the teaching profession a bit more before making sweeping statements like that.Cheers and have a great day!

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