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Hi! Iím doing my PGDE now and have a few questions:

1. Is promotion fro GEO2 to GEO3 for guys who have served NS a given after one year? Thatís what I have heard going around.

2. When will I know if Iím placed on leadership or teaching track?

3. How long does it take for an average teacher to be promoted to an SH or equivalent?

Thank you!
Most of them would, because civil service takes into account your NS, so HR would sort of treat you as having fulfilled 3 years in your career, unless you get a D grade.

This is something that should come up during your conversation with your Reporting Officer. As a GEO2, it might be too early, unless you have been given some responsibilities and have proven yourself capable of taking on additional work. You can indicate your interest early. By default, schools would assume everyone has the capacity to take on leadership roles, unless you make clear indication that you do not want to, or screw up really bad with your pieces of work.

An average teacher does not get promoted to SH or equivalent. More than 50% will retire at GEO5, which is the highest grade for teachers not taking on key appointments. You need to minimally have an SH appointment to hold your grade at SEO1, and if for some reason decide to step down, your pay will revert to the GEO scale.
It is not a bad thing, since many teachers in my school are happy GEO5 officers on different kinds of flexi-schemes, to commit more time at home, either due to kids or aging parents. They are actually happy because they can continue to teach, without sacrificing weekends or too many afternoons on CCAs and committee work.

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