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1) As far as I can tell, yes. Not sure if Honours is required.

2) The tracks don't mean much when you're a BT, when CEP typically begins at GEO5 level. During ranking, your CEP might be adjusted eventually. If so, that usually puts you on the leadership track (possible to be placed on the teaching track towards ST appointment as well). Unfortunately, you're (officially) not supposed to be informed when your CEP changes.

3) I'm not sure what the average is, but I believe the minimum is three years (plus, need to be promoted to GEO4 as well as meet CEP requirements).

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi! Iím doing my PGDE now and have a few questions:

1. Is promotion fro GEO2 to GEO3 for guys who have served NS a given after one year? Thatís what I have heard going around.

2. When will I know if Iím placed on leadership or teaching track?

3. How long does it take for an average teacher to be promoted to an SH or equivalent?

Thank you!
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