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Originally Posted by Skyzfoxx View Post
Hi guys. So I'm actually interested in the medical field and was thinking of applying for NTU or NUS medicine undergraduate. But because i did not know what to study before going into poly, i took mechanical engineering specializing in biomedical in Ngee ann poly. As I chose the FYP route, i have a specialization in biomedical. I am in my third year, final semester now too. GPA wise, I didn't really have fantastic gpa from the beginning. My current gpa was from
Sem 1 - 2.2
Sem 2 - 2.6
Sem 3 - 3
Sem 4 - 3.4
Sem 5 - 3.9 ( A for FYP )
Sem 6 - Ongoing
I didn't have a good gpa initially as lots of life issues like my dad passing away had demoralized me, therefore i had no motivation to study at all. Hence, I would like to ask if entering/switching to the medical field is even a good choice? And if its even possible for me to enter the undergraduate programme from NUS/NTU or would i have to go overseas to pursue this career?

Thanks for everyone responses in advance!
Your foundation is very weak.. To even be shortlisted for interview for medicine, your overall GPA must be 3.9x

Even for A levels, IGP for 10th percentile was AAA/A. Those who could make it into medicine ended up being in dentistry or pharmacy where the 10th percentile was also AAA/A.
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