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Made a really bad mistake at work today sighhh. Ok maybe not the worse - the client is not affected at all - more like it was embarrassing in that I missed something single-mindedly. I gotta say if you are not a meticulous person, you really aren't suitable for law. What is the biggest mistake that you have ever made in your career?
Well. it is hard to do well in something you don't enjoy. I'm so sick of taking instructions from clients and drafting this, amending that, without having any input to the transactions. Sure, I can tell you that this clause is not advantageous to you, or you should add this anti-dilution provision to the contract. But besides that, I am basically a robot taking instructions and churning out deliverables. I don't decide the commercial terms of the contract or decide on how to execute the transaction. What's so glamourous about being a corporate lawyer exactly?

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