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HI All,

I have done my 3 rounds interview in Accenture Singapore. I waited for the results since two weeks after my interview. Got a call from HR and verbally told me that I got selected for the project. Also, we discussed on salary negotiable. All okay. They told me that I will receive the offer letter by end of the same week but not received. Then I called again. HR said " Will receive on next week". Now its crossed almost a month. I called HR again after a few weeks. HR said "It's under approval of director to release the offer letter". I have to wait for few more days. If I call again, then they will thought me as desperate candidate. So, I avoid to call them.

Is it normal process in Accenture ?

Will I get it ? (or) Should I give up ?

Please assist me if anyone know the answer.

Can ask what the salary is like?
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