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Hi there, I've been in a large Ministry for about 6 years and have had 2 promotions thus far (now MX11). I agree with other posts that normal graduates would reach their ceiling CEP of MX10 unless they do really really well. But MX10 is not a sneeze either commanding a pay of $7000-$10000 - a rank equivalent to a LTC/Col in the army.

The Civil Service is huge... almost mafia-like. You just need to make sure you go to a Ministry that is most relevant to you (e.g. Education = MOE; Finance = MOF; Social Work = MCYS, etc).

But most of the MXOs are generalists and there are many non-specialists areas within a particular Ministry (e.g. there's a finance department in every Ministry). An officer with decent attitude, performance and leadership qualities will most likely be at least a Head/middle manager within 5-10 years. You move up faster if you get opportunities...

Scholars tend to go higher faster but they too face stiff competition at their level and end up being dissatisfied if they're not top management material. My advise, do something you like and the money will eventually come
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