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Hi k3vin, yeap before posting the thread I tried searching the forums for information regarding working in a ministry, however most of the information wasn't concentrated in a fixed topic but as posts in different threads, and didn't offer the kind of in-depth sharing or knowledge that I hope to look for (also because the ministries I was looking for weren't listed). I was thinking this thread might gather the different opinions into one topic that is easier to categorise so people won't have to hunt all over the threads

Will gladly appreciate links that are helpful too!
Actually I wasn't too sure what the pay grade is (MX13, 12 and so on does it stand for management executive? Singapore's penchant for acronyms makes me ???? sometimes heheh ). Alas I have neither first-class nor a scholarship, but I'm hopeful that it doesn't mean you'll forever be behind just because you don't have exceptional qualifications. As God wills.

What does it mean to perform well? Are there civil servants here who actually enjoy their job? Tongue-in-cheek.

All the schemes here and there reminds me of the time in Primary four when they have streaming into EM1, 2 or 3, or after PSLE when they stream you into Special, Express or Normal in Secondary School. Or in JCs when they stream you into Arts and Science. Hahahah.

Any information to offer regarding ministries such as MICA, MCYS and PMO?
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