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just to give back to this forum because it helped me so much during whole job application process... was always reading and re-reading all 186 pages of this whenever i was feeling insecure

Context: NUS second uppers


Feb 2017 - applied
Mar - psychometric
Jul - shortlisted for 1st choice, fell sick and didn't go for interview
Aug - shortlisted again for same role but for higher position (manager). went for 2h writing test + interview but was not too keen on job scope. got rejected.
Sep - submitted another application with re-rankings of other available positions
Late Nov - shortlisted for another first choice position. 2h writing test followed by interview. On the same evening, got a text for the site preview scheduled for 2 days later. Went for it but there was another candidate with me. Got my rejection a week later. (Early dec)

Thought that was the end of it... went on a holiday... right before coming back i submitted another job application with different choices and got an email the next day if i would like the same position (as the nov interview). Of course i said yes!!! This was in second week of january. Was told it would take 4-6 weeks for final contract.

Medical and security clearances in the next three weeks, got the confirmation a week later, signed my contract in total 4.5 weeks after the verbal offer.

Will be starting soon and I learnt that the other candidate got the job in the previous site preview, but a new vacancy opened up and i was lucky enough that they still remembered and still wanted me. So my words to everyone are: don't give up and always try to do your best!!

another note: My thoughts after being interviewed with several other govt agencies/positions that only have 1 opening is that: if you are the first to be interviewed, you are likely already their first choice based on resume alone. Thereafter depends on how you do for the writing test, interview and site preview.
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