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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thanks for the input.

Really? Because I heard it is not easy to get into the Big 4.. So I am not sure if I should study locally in private uni or invest the huge amt of money to study overseas so it may look more "prestigious".

Could you explain this sentence "Even if you may not start at A1"? Isn't A1 considered as the most fresh grads?

Also, if says I do not have any Audit experiences but I do have 5 yrs of work experiences, will my salary be the same as A1?
big4, audit especially, has an alarming attrition rate. if you are from local uni, it's easy cos you can apply through TURF and also you may have internships with any of the big4 previously.

for distance learning degrees in PSB / Kaplan, honestly you stand a greater chance applying to mid-tier firms before hopping over to big4 after the 2year bond... i've heard many SIM UOL graduates not receiving a reply from Big4 (be it fresh / experienced associates)

and lastly, yes, it doesn't matter how many years of experience you have... you have no bargaining power since you are going to start at entry position... and even you are joining as an experienced associate, the "title" that they will be offering you will roughly let you know the salary band already,

i.e. SA2 or M1 or AM, etc
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