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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Different poster here. C'mon, AGC pays a measly 3.8k starting to girls (with second uppers), what kind of salary is that? Guys who served NS get ~4.6k (with second uppers) because they are considered to have worked for 2 years. And the increment is also much lower - approximately $450 per year. After 5 years, girls earn only 5.2k while private practitioners would be earning 9-10k.

You sure AGC is good?
1. agc pays full salary from day 1 of part b/rlt - that's at least a year of pay (1.5 for UK grads) that can offset some of the gains the pte sector people make after they get called.
2. agc follows gahmen bonus scheme, i.e. 13 month bonus, random mid year and end year bonuses etc and perf bonus. an avg performer can easily collect 4-5 months bonus in total. nowadays the law firms don't pay much bonus if at all.
3. agc sponsors LLM; private firms hardly do.

plus other fringe benefits like better work life balance and good job stability, not like big firms where they may push you out if they dont like your face or if you dont make partner.

and i doubt someone with 5 years of experience in legal svc only earns 5.2k.
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