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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thks for the advice.
I am considering applying GLB/JD (SMU / UNISIM) next year. Hopefuly economic conditions will be good when I graduate in 4 years time and by then there will be a shortage of lawyers. Its just economic cycle right? [no, it is not just an economic cycle. There is a fundamental shift which the layman does not see where lawyers are suffering from fee compression] However I will be 39 by then. I hope to switch to be a barrister on TV and argue in court. [being a litigator in real life is very different from what you see on TV. You spend the whole day listening to you boss who is the first chair presenting the case while your email keeps piling up with work to be done after 6 pm]

What are the perceptions of GLB/JD people? [old people, some of whom are really weird, but if you are really serious about the course, who cares?]
What about most of other GLB/JD? [huh?]
What are their stories like? [no "standard" story.. Some do it because they really like studying, some because of the perceived better prospects]
Do they have problems getting TCs? [too general a question. It depends on whether they are too old to train, whether they have the calibre etc etc. I would say they have the same problems as everyone else unless you are too old (perhaps over 35) in which case age comes into play]
What are the law firms perception of them? [see above. It can work for you (since you have a prior degree) or against you if you are too old or too odd]
ARe they just older and so lack the drive and ambitions and also cannot be trained from scratch? [see above]
Any difference between GLB and JD candidate in terms of quality? [i think UNISIM is too new a law school to answer this question but between nus and SMU, it is the same issues between nus law students vs smu ones]
Can elaborate what does 'solid personally and professionally' mean?

Let me help you a little.

See my responses in square brackets above. How do I know about GLB/JD? Been there done that.

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