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Happy National Day all!

As most of us take a break from work today, we must be thankful for the many others who go to work today to ensure our little city functions and is safe. If you are one of the essential personnel who works today - a big thank you!

Today I will be taking the time to do a quick review of my networth and investment. Our combined (wifey and I) networth is currently at $7M up from $6.45M at the beginning of the year. This $400k increase was due in large part to the steady climb of the stock markets, and the slight recovery of the property markets.

Each percentage rise in the STI will raise our shares value by about $15k. So in the first 6 months of this year, while doing nothing (in terms of share investment/trading), we saw our share value grew by $200k. The converse is also true and has happened. Meaning when the stock market tanked, we saw our share value and correspondingly, our networth dropped.

So this time, we decided to take profits off the market. We sold off some of our shares and took back $150k back in cash.

The value of our properties have also inched up. I believe this was due to the string of successful enblocs and the aggressive bids for land sales. Somehow, the demand is back. The combined increase of our property values is about $200k. Just like that.

This two investment sources increased our networth by $400k from Jan to Jul. The remaining contributor was our savings from salary. In that 7 months, we saved $150k.

So, this first 7 months of the year has been good.

If the stock markets continue to climb, we will do rebalancing of our shares investment, take more profits off the market and wait for the next cycle - who knows when.

And if the property market sizzles, we may also offload our investment property, take profit.
That is very impressive. How old are you and your wife and which sectors are both of you working in? Please also share with us the market value of your investment property (after deducting mortgage if any). After your recent sale of some of your shareholding, what is the cash amount you are holding (war chest) versus the market value of your portfolio of shares.

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