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Hi there. hope i can shed some light based on my experience.

Working culture depends on your unit/dept itself. Some are administrative in nature, some is project based and some are operational based. If you are in operational based, it will be more time sensitive and 'more stressed' as tempo is high.

work life balance is there if you are those who insist on knocking off work on time. myself, i always choose to OT although no one forces me to. its a personal sort of responsibility. no right or wrong.

pay is always competitive for DXOs. dont expect to get rich though. we are still civil servants and we cant compare to bankers and those who work their way up in the private world. the pay is a gradual increase depending on performance and promotion. there is a ceiling for each grade, and if you dont promote, no increment.

you might be a DX12 for a manager position, a major rank equivalent. myself, im not a DX12. so i cant really comment on salary. but if i were to estimate the range, it would probably be 6-8k? but at this rank, be prepared to work your ass off. MINDEF money not so easy to earn as most would think. each position is optimized to squeeze you dry for the pay you would be getting.
Wouldn't agree with the point. Some DXO jobs dealing with administrative work are paid over the top salary as compared with their actual output. A lot depends on where you are posted and the culture over there.

If you are posted to a "retirement home", you can expect more work life balance than other DXOs of similar "rank".

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