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Default Starting pay for fresh grad?

Hi all, need some advice on what to expect/ask for my starting salary.

I will be graduating in May from NUS FASS, bach in English and i am currently going for interviews and will probably be receiving my first offer soon.

Some background, i am on the bubble in terms of my hons, so i'll either grad with 2nd upper or 2nd lower.

On the CCA/achievements side, I am quite active in the students' union(elected to office bearer positions) and have represented the uni and nation in a few overseas forums and summits to meet foreign leaders and dignitaries. Have also received top 10% cert in my attachments.

How much should i expect from either the public or private sector?

I should be negotiating on pay with a stat board and a government affiliated company on pay and i am unsure of how much to ask as I am really quite unsure of my degree that i will grad with. I am also in the final round of interview with a private mnc and I would like some advice on whats reasonable to ask for.

As I heard that in government linked orgs or stat boards they have a fixed pay scale based on the degree you have, can I use my CV to bargain? Haha.

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