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Don't waste your time in IT. It is goner in sgp caused by moving goal post in economic focus and the flood for cheap labour from developing countries.

Look at your earning capacity in the next 10 years using corporate budget allocated to its various departments. Where do you want to be in the future in IT? Project Manager, Directors, what are the top roles paying? What earning target you want to be in in 10 years? USD300k or SGD100k? Aim higher, dream big, start small. At the same time, you must know that IT is a support and cost function of a corporate entity. It is usually 10-20% of entire operational expenditure if you join a enduser environment. In a vendor environment, it is purely a sales, margin role, where your salary is correlated to how much profit you can make for the vendor, be it local or americans.

My advise, get your feet wet in IT, then move on to other roles in that company you join. Don't waste time in IT. Not only you get corporate politics which exist in any companies in sgp (especially), you get all the crap from infighting amongst cheaper labor and you.

Live long and prosper. Good Luck.

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