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I applied on 6 Apr and received an email to attend the PT on 3 May. This is the MINDEF DXO hiring process after reading the hundreds of posts here, long process; up to 6 months from date of application until start work:

1. Psychometric test (PT) (3hr MCQ)
2. Interview (do written test before actual interview)
3. Unit Preview (doesnt mean you are offered the job)
4. Medical & Security Clearance (usually done in parallel while contract is prepared hence contract is subject to both of these cleared)
5. Contract Signing
6. Report to work

all different days.

Prep for PT: sudoku puzzles, verbal reasoning. 3 hours for all 3 parts.
test 1: verbal reasoning. 60qns in 40mins
test 2: smth like IQ questions? 60qns in 30mins
test 3: personality test. 185qns.
hi there. i finally saw someone who did their homework. You are very suited to be a DXO. We need problem solvers, and not school leavers who wants to be spoonfed. good luck on your application.

as a DXO who went thru the process 1 year plus back. your summary is quite accurate. will be glad to help if you need more information pertaining to recruitment only.
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