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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
CEP is based on your potential, hence its term "Current Estimated POTENTIAL".

You may perform very well in your job, but if your CEP is low, you're not going to get promoted any time soon. This is something I don't understand. How is potential assessed if not through one's performance?
What I personally think would be :

Supposed A is a very good engineer/economist... very strong technical skills... however his organizational/leadership skills r poor... his performance as an engineer/economist will be high but his CEP is limited he might not be suitable for management positions.

Supposed B is also an engineer/economist and his technical skills r not bad but not excellent , however he has strong organizational/leadership skills can see big picture, his performance as an engineer might not be as high as A (as shown by quality of work) however his CEP might be high as his boss would think he suitable for mgmt.

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