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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Yea, but they are accountants, which you are not. You do not have any accounting qualifications and your experience in data entry in a SME isn't going to get you anywhere in audit firms. At most you will be doing work like accounts/audit assistant, I doubt that sort of administrative job is going to pay better or let you learn anything useful. Seems like taking a big risk on job security w/o getting anything in return.

I think your best bet is to wait till you get your degree from Unisim first, then try applying for general finance exec roles in those SME. My opinion is with the current economic uncertainty, one should be patient and wait for good upward opportunities. Don't just jump for fun when the job level is more or less the same, just doing mainly admin work on different things.
So it means very little if I join audit, and risk losing the job security I have now, right?

Agreed with you on waiting for grad 1st. Thank you for your advice

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