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Hi, I am a student in private uni bcs management program. From what I have read it seems to be really unlikely for a private grad to secure a job with good prospect in specialized field. So here are my questions:
If I am keen on taking up internship, what kind of companies are possible for candidates like me?
If getting into specialised hr field is unlikely, I would be more interested in doing recruitment than to do a generalist work. Anyone care to share the path of a recruiter?
Thanks in advance for the help.
Recruiters esp agencies are more sales than HR. You do not need to waste time on internship as they are the most open of all HR like sales and readily accept most people of any qualification or w/o exp. Whether you survive or not is another matter though.

If you want real HR specialization like TM/C&B/HRIS/BP/CD/OE/L&D etc, it is not likely that anyone will accept a pte deg w/o exp. You are better off doing internships in general admin/HR ops based jobs & build your career from there then waste time on it.

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